Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We Need A State Budget!

     If you live in Illinois, you know we haven’t had a state budget for months. The political fighting between Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and Democratic leaders Mike Madigan and John J. Cullerton have closed that door. That means, among other things, that there are fewer services for those less able to take care of themselves, and that a number of state universities face closure in the near future. People and companies are leaving the state, and our taxes get stretched further and further.

     I’m asking you to write a letter EVERY WEEK for the foreseeable future (until a budget is passed and signed) asking for a budget. I have included email addresses. You can write the same letter to all of them, but they need to hear from as many Illinois residents as possible. 

Please write to your state representative and your state senator (find their addresses here: http://www.illinoisreadingcouncil.org/images/Leg5.pdf)  as well as

Governor Bruce Raunergov.goca@illinois.gov; Springfield office: (217) 782-0244; Chicago office: (312) 814-2121

Speaker of the House Mike Madiganmmadigan@hds.ilga.gov; District: (773) 581-8000; Springfield office: (217) 782-5350

Speaker of the House John J. Cullerton: http://www.senatorcullerton.com/contact-us(773) 883-0770

     You may have to jump through a couple of hoops if you don’t know who your state senator or state representatives are. Sorry.

     If you’d prefer to call and leave a message,  I’ve included the phone numbers.

     I’m not including a sample letter, and I’d suggest that you not write the exact same letter each week to these people. They need to feel some pressure. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number.

     If universities close, it’s entirely likely that they will have to start from scratch with accreditation, which is a long and expensive process (more of our tax dollars). People who get social services get fewer, which costs us more in the long run. For example, if they can’t get health care, they end up at an expensive emergency room.

     Thanks for your help.

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