Saturday, January 9, 2010

Doggerel for Ella


Sweet Ella M. Paul

Isn’t Ella at all.

She’s Ellam,

Which rhymes with canteloupe (or muskmelom).

It’s ella-mentary, my dear Ellam.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Ella likes animals in the zoo:

Giraffes, lions and tigers -- bears too.

Monkeys pose in a mirror.

Ella laughs and they spy her

When she plays monkey-see-monkey-do!

The Party

When Ella visits Aunty Shan

She plans a party if she can

With funny hats. And horns. And bells.

And chocolate cake!

Is is something Grandma Ann can bake?

Filled with strawberries and whipped cream

A party like that would be a dream.

Ella's Pets

Poncho, Lefty and Captain are Ella’s pet dogs.

They jump around sometimes as if they were . . .


But they aren’t green. And they don’t eat flies.

If they were people, they’d be pretty nice guys.

Language Lessons

Guess who teaches Ella to speak.

“I,” he says. “I,” Ella repeats.

“Love,” he prompts. “Love,” she says.

“Grandpa.” “Grandpa,” she says.

Have you guessed?

“Bi-,” he starts to say, but Ella shouts,

“Bill. I love Grandpa Bill.”

Grandma Ann's Love

Grandma Ann loves to hold Ella

And feed her a bottle

She nuzzles her neck and smells

The sweetness of her hair

She feels the softness of her skin

And hears dear Ella coo.

A Limerick-ish

A charming young lady named Ella


loved by a very old feller.

He was her Grandpa Bill

Missing an Ella refill:

“When we’re not near you, and we don’t get a chance to see you very often, I miss you a lot,” is what he’d tell her.

Who Loves Ella?

Ella’s daddy is Derek and her mommy is Jo.

And here is a fact that she always should know.

They love her so much that they long for her touch

From her hair all the way to her toes.

Nap Time

Ella raises her arms

Then she puts them down

She yawns and shuts her mouth

Her face turns to a frown.

She doesn’t want to nap, oh, no!

But she must go to sleep

When she wakes up again

She’ll have a bottle and a treat.

Dancing Queen

Ella. ABBA. What’s the connection?

Dancing Queen is her main selection.

Young and sweet with the tambourine’s beat

Look at that baby move her feet.

She sways and waves her arms around --

She’s our Dancing Queen when she gets down.